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Meet solid scents:

Solid scents is the new way to impress. Our pocket-sized, wax based, natural perfume.

Desert in Dark

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Aureus is for any men who wanna smell like a million dollars.

This pungent and sparkling scent is a composition of peppermint and blood mandarin. The very intense heart note of rose and cinnamon with warm leather chords arouses the great desire for more in the biggest players among us.

Inspired by: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

We're keeping it solid

Our product is made of natural ingredients like: beeswax, jojoba seed oil and sweet almond oil. So your skin can feel just as good as you when you're applying your scent!

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I was getting fed up with throwing my parfums away at the airport. But with solid scents that is past time. Never leaving Russia without my solid!

V. Putin - President of Russia

Solid Scents is great. Very usefull when you run from meeting to meeting and have to smell good for the ladies. Changed every password in the whitehouse to #keepitsolid lmao don't tell anyone.

B. Obama - Ex president of the USA

OMG i walked past a boy and i immediately fancied him when i saw him putting on my favorite solid scent! 10/10 Best dating tool present.

-Every girl ever


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